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Leading specialist in stand-alone cryogenic cooling systems

Stirling Cryogenics is the world’s leading specialist in stand-alone cryogenic cooling systems. This is due to the success of our Stirling Cryogenerator. More then 3.000 units are in operation across the globe, very often in extremely demanding conditions. Their reliability has earned the Stirling Cryogenics brand an unbeatable reputation.

The Stirling Cryogenics headquarter and manufacturing facility is located in The Netherlands in the town of Son, at the outskirts of Eindhoven (~100 km south-east of Amsterdam).

Stirling Cryogenics designs, builds and designs cryogenic solutions based on the different Cryogenerators in our products range. All of our Cryogenerators are based on the (reversed) Stirling thermodynamic cycle and have a long history, highly reliable record and high efficiency.

One of our main products are stand-alone liquid Nitrogen production systems (StirLIN’s), which produce liquid Nitrogen (LN2) on site, where it is needed for any kind of application depending on LN2

Depending on the application, our cryogenic systems or cryogenerators, can produce or (re-)liquefy cold gas. The type of gas or liquid depends on the application. Common for our systems besides Nitrogen are Oxygen, Methane Argon, Helium and CO2. To achieve its cold, our systems work together with the product range of our own productline of CryoFans, pumps, heat exchangers, cryostats, a.o.

Typical applications are High Temperature Superconductors (HTS), Space simulation chambers, LNG/Bio-gas (re-) liquefaction, MRI magnet cooling, Observatories etc. 

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