Cord Blood and Stem Cell storage

Cord blood and stem cells are suited for use in gene therapy. They need cryogenic storage with liquid Nitrogen to be available for use upto decades after being stored, requiring a reliable LN2 supply. 

Cord Blood and Stem Cell storage is a process where cells, blood or whole tissues are preserved by cooling to low sub-zero temperatures, such as (typically) 77K or −196°C (the boiling point of liquid nitrogen). At temperatures below −130°C biological activity ceases and storing at these temperatures is necessary to preserve the material unaltered. Moreover the inert capabilities of nitrogen help prevent deterioration of quality of biological material.

Blood Storage Cryogenics Solutions

A reliable supply of liquid nitrogen is of vital importance for biological storage. Years of work and investment could be totally wasted should the content of a cryogenic vessel perish due to a lack of sufficient liquid nitrogen. Hence, it is important to consider this and organize liquid nitrogen availability in a reliable way.
Bulk suppliers may not always serve small customers perfectly, while long distances to the bulk production site may have logistic difficulties.

The solution to the above mentioned issues is to produce your own liquid nitrogen on-site. Using StirLIN liquid nitrogen production systems, facilites for Cord Blood and Stem Cells are in control of their own LN2 production, being independent of bulk suppliers and logistics.

With one of the StirLIN range liquid nitrogen production systems, you can produce your own liquid nitrogen on-site, close to the point of use. The only thing you have to put into the system is electricity or fuel for an electric generator. The raw material for liquid nitrogen is free ambient air. The StirLIN systems are sized to a wide range of liquid nitrogen consumption patterns. Being fully automatic and having a long mean time between maintenance (MTBF) StirLIN systems will give you the a hassle free liquid nitrogen supply. 


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