LN2 for general use

Liquid nitrogen is commonly used at universities, mostly at Faculties like Physics, Chemistry, Natural and Biological Science for divers applications.

Physics and Chemistry Faculties have high-tech measuring instruments that need cooling to be functional: infrared sensors, spectroscopy camera’s, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) systems etc. Liquid nitrogen is also used in vacuum chambers for shroud cooling such as Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) systems.

The Faculty Natural and Biological Science requires liquid Nitrogen for cryopreservation to store samples of cells, tissue, oocytes, semen, plant seeds etc. over very long time periods in cryogenic storage containers.

It is really important for them to always have liquid Nitrogen available which is often impossible due to strikes and the unreliability supply of liquid Nitrogen by bulk supplier. The solution to avoid those problems is to produce you own liquid Nitrogen on-site, which can be done by our StirLIN liquid Nitrogen systems.

As liquid Nitrogen systems are used by different Faculties it can be equipped with a dispensing system which means that the liquid Nitrogen tapping point is equipped with a pin code terminal. Only dedicated and trained persons in handling LN2 are able to tap liquid Nitrogen, the quantities taken from the storage vessel will be administrated by a central computer and can be invoiced to the separate departments afterwards.

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