Micro scale production of LNG or liquid biogas

We offer a range of micro scale Stirling cycle based liquefiers for on site LNG production. Both the StirLNG-1 and the StirLNG-4 cryogenerator can be used for liquefaction of methane or biogas (or all other kind of hydrocarbons and gasses). These liquefiers can produce LNG at the spot where you need it, when you need it.

By feeding cleaned gas to the liquefier (in a range of 0-20 barg) LNG is produced and directly available for use. A single StirLNG-1 can produce around 200 kg/day of LNG at 4 barg (140 gal/day or 550 ltr/day) and a single StirLNG-4 around 600 kg/day at 4 barg (550 gal/day or 2.200 ltr/day). Actual capacity varies on composition, temperature and pressure. As multiple units can operate in parallel (giving you redundancy and flexibility) the generic range we can offer is from 100 to around 15.000 kg/day (65–12.000 gal/day).

Possible sources for small scale LNG production with our system which can be considered are: (cleaned) pipeline gas, biogas production facilities, wellhead or associate gas. The produced LNG can be sold, used as fuel or used in a virtual pipeline set up.

Micro scale producten of LNG

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