LTS Magnet Cooling

For a first cool-down, a superconducting magnet is often cooled with LN2 to first reach 77K. This is then pumped out, after which LHe is used to cool down further.
This process is complicated and costly because the LN2 must be removed completely as it will induce quenching. The further cool-down from 77K with 4K liquid is not efficient. Stirling Cryogenics can provide a pre-cooling system from 300 to 20K using cold helium gas.



The system providing the cold helium gas flow to the magnet is our Stirling Cryogenics SPC-1T with a CryoZone CryoFan.

Using VJ lines, this system is connected to the in and outlets that connect to the LHe vessel. The SPC-1T will start to produce cooling power which is circulated to the vessel. At start-up the loop will be still warm, then slowly dropping in temperature as more and more energy is removed from the magnets thermal mass. Depending this, cool down to 20K takes 1-3 days.

Once pre-cooled to 20K, the system is disconnected and the magnet is to the LHe supply as usual. Advantage is that the pre-cooling has been done with helium, so no cleaning step to remove N2 is required. Since most of the energy of the thermal mass is already removed at 20K, the remainder consumes only a limited amount of LHe.




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