Medical Oxygen

Medical Oxygen gas has become one of the most essential consituents of modern medicine. The use of medical Oxygen gas has become widespread due to the development and modernization of medical care.


Nowadays modern hospitals have all basic medical gasses and vacuum available from outlet point wherever they are required. The supply of Oxygen plays a crucial role in the day to day performance of the hospitals. With reliable and sufficient Oxygen supply operational theatres, intensive care wards and general wards are served at all times.

On-site medical Oxygen production provides a reliable supply at all times even under those circumstances when power is not available, avoids man-handling of gas cylinders and saves valuable space. An on-site Oxygen Production Facility on the premises of the hospital provides the added advantage of making the hospital completely independent of outside suppliers, especially in isolated areas.

With the Stirling on-site Oxygen gas production, oxygen can also be produced for neighboring hospitals, ambulances, fire brigades and other rescue services. Thus assuring maximum availability of Oxygen for all those in need.


For use in applications as described the following Stirling Cryogenics products may be considered:

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