Stirling Cryogenics solutions for HTS applications

Stirling Cryogenics offers the cryogenerators in combination with the additional equipment that is needed for these kinds of operations. Generally cryostats containing pressurizing equipment, heat exchanger and pumps. A valve box to allow the different operation modes and containing the instrumentation. 

The equipment can be configured upon customer requirements and can be executed redundant (pumps, cryogenerators, instrumentation etc.).

Special precaution is needed with the design of the coldhead, in order to prevent possible freezing of nitrogen. When the system operates close to the freezing point of nitrogen (i.e <70K), nitrogen could freeze(solidify) on the cold head exchanger as the coldhead itself always operate a couple of degrees below the temperature of the liquid gas. If this happens the coldhead will be blocked and operation will stop.

The coldhead can be equiped with so called “antifreeze heaters”, which automatically start to operate when the application does not consume power and the coldhead approaches the freezing temperature of the cryogenic fluid. Optional solutions and add-ons are available for purging, soft cool down, power generators, control, water cooling, self testing etc.

Stirling Cryogenics equipment provides solutions for different applications in this industry.

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