Solutions for Maritime applications

Stirling Cryogenics equipment and cryogenic know-how is used in several Maritime and offshore applications. If required the equipment the approved according the applicable standards or modified to meet (maritime) regulations.

Typical maritime or offshore applications of our cryogenic equipment are:

Remote locations:

Being in the open waters it might/will be difficult to obtain, bring or store cryogenic gasses need for any kind of applications, like:

  • Liquid Nitrogen for (bio-) storoge of samples and species (research vessels)
  • Liquid Nitrogen (or any other gas) for interting or purging

Having stand-alone, LN2 production plant on board, will allow the vessel to produce its own, without the need of additional supply or large quanities bunkering.

Boil off gas reliquefaction:

While storing and transferring Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), boil off gas is formed which will increase the pressure in the system / storage tank. If this is not properly managed this gas has to be vented / released to the atmosphere. Not only is this significant pollution to the environment (Methane is the second most prevalent greenhouse gas) but it is also loss of revenue. Venting boil off gas can be a serious operational cost.

Adding Stirling Cryogenics equipment into the LNG handling system will help you manage this problem. The StirLNG-1 and StirLNG-4 can be connected to any LNG system to reliquefy LNG boil off gas (BOG). After reliquefaction the LNG is returned to the system, preventing the user from venting. Or LNG can cooled on the Cryogenerator to prevent boil off gas formation in the first place. The StirLNG liquefier can be put on any ship managing boil off gas issues they might have. Whether it is handling cargo (LNG carriers, bunker barges, fueling ships etc.) or keeping LNG fuel tanks within its operating window (any kind of LNG fueled ship or vessel). The generic range we can offer is from 250 to around 24,000 kg/day (150 – 20,.000 gal/day) of LNG boil off gas reliquefaction.

Also other type of (cryogenic) gases (like ethylene etc.) can be (re-) liquefied with these cryocoolers

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