Press Release: Order for LNG bunker barge (Conrad Orange Shipyard)


DH Industries BV from the Netherlands is proud to announce that its subsidiary DH Industries USA Inc. has received an order for the supply of six (6) StirLNG-4 Cryogenerators for the management (re-liquefaction) of LNG boil off gas for the 2,200m3 LNG bunker barge, currently being built by Conrad Orange Shipyard, Orange TX.

The LNG bunker barge is scheduled to service the TOTE new build LNG fueled container ships in Jacksonville FL.

The StirLNG-4 is a micro scale, stand alone, plug and play liquefier for LNG which can be used for boil off gas re-liquefaction (conditioning) or small scale LNG production both onshore and offshore.

For this maritime application DH Industries will obtain ABS type approval for the StirLNG-4, addressing marine and offshore applications. The 6 StirLNG-4 cryogenerators will operate in parallel and have a total re-liquefaction capacity in the range of 6 metric Ton a day. Each liquefier, with immediate start/stop functionality, can operate on its own. Our solution provides the customer high flexibility, efficiency and reliability also because he can decide at any given moment the required capacity.

For over sixty years DH Industries is designing and manufacturing cryogenic gas liquefaction solutions based on Stirling Cryogenics Cryogenerators.

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