The new StirLNG-16 for microscale LNG


The StirLNG-16 is a skid mounted, stand alone, plug and play, micro scale liquefier for LNG which can be used for small scale LNG production, BioLNG production or for boil off gas re-liquefaction (conditioning) both onshore and offshore. Depending on the gas composition, temperature and pressure the StirLNG-16 can (re-) liquefy from 2 - 10 Metric Ton/day of LNG (1,450 – 8,000 Gal/day). For higher capacities multiple units can operate in parallel.

For over sixty years DH Industries has been designing and manufacturing gas liquefaction systems based on Stirling Cryogenics Cryogenerators.

The StirLNG-16 uses 4 of these highly efficient and reliable StirLNG-4 Cryogenerators. The unit (+ auxiliary equipment) has an integrated design. Because each liquefier can be operated individually, this unique system gives the customer high flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

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