SPC-4T Cryogenerator

The SPC-4T is a two-stage cryogenerator that provides cooling power in the range of 120-700W @ 15-60K. The SPC-4T is mostly used for (indirect) cooling of a subject by means of forced flow Helium gas.

The SPC-4T uses pressurized helium gas (typically 20 barg) as medium to transfer cold to the application.

The SPC-4T is a two-stage Stirling cryogenerator which simultaneously provides refrigeration at 20 K and at 80 K by means of two separate heat exchangers. Each of them consists of a wound spiral tube and a cold gas fan called CryoFan. The two CryoFans circulate the gas in separate loops, from the two heat exchangers in the application (where energy is injected into the medium) to the SPC-4T (where energy is extracted from the medium).

The SPC-4T is connected to the application by two delivery and return lines ducted together in a single flexible vacuum insulated line. This offers flexibility for the positioning and installation of the SPC-4T (up to a radius of 10 meters). In both the application and transfer lines, the 80 K loop can be used as a shield for the 20 K loop, maximizing the cooling power available to the 20 K target.

Operation of the SPC-4T is fully automatic. It runs down to the lowest possible temperature depending on the application load. If required, the SPC-4T can be equipped with a set-point controller that maintains a fixed temperature regardless of fluctuations in the application load.

The delivery of the SPC-4T system consists of a two stage cryogenerator with two CryoFans and optional flexible connection lines.

Technical information

  • Production capacity: see graph
  • Maintenance: every 6.000 operating hours
  • Cooling water: 4.000 l/hr; 17.6 gpm
  • Power supply: see graph
  • Main supply: any specified main supply
  • Start-up time: within 10 minutes
  • Start/stop procedure: fully automatic, single switch operation
  • Installation space: 8m²
  • Weight: 1.000 kg
  • Ambient temperature: up to 45° C; 113° F
  • Relative humidity: up to 95%
  • Site installation time: maximum 2 days



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