Closed Loop Helium Gas Cooling Systems

DH Industries has a long and strong reputation with respect to designing and supplying cooling systems that utilize gaseous Helium as a coolant. By using (pressurized) gaseous Helium the customer is able to “decouple” his cooler from the application. This can be favorable in cases where it is very difficult to directly connect a cooler to an application due to whatever restriction there may be (safety, space, noise, vibration, rotating devices etc.).

Another advantage of gaseous Helium is its operation window: it can be used at any temperature between ambient down to approx. 10 Kelvin. Restrictions that you might have with other fluids like liquefaction and or freezing are no issue with Helium gas. If the gas is pressurized (preferably in a range of 10-20 barg), sufficient density is available for proper heat transfer.
All Stirling’s Cryogenerators (one and two stage) can be modified to work with gaseous Helium as a coolant and can work in a temperature range from 150 down to 10 Kelvin.

One of the great features of the Stirling Cryogenerators is that they can be supplied with an integrated CryoZone CryoFan. This eliminates the need for the supply and design of a separate Cryostat that will hold a cryocooler, heat exchanger and CryoFan (or pump). With a Stirling Cryogenerator with integrated fan, you will get a flow of cold Helium gas directly out of the cooler. Just connect a (vacuum jacketed) line between the cooler and the application and you can start.

Stirling’s SPC-1 and SPC-4 cryogenerators (cryocooler) provide cryogenic cooling power in the range of 500 – 4,000 Watt at 77K. They can be used in an operating range of 150 – 50 Kelvin. Stirling’s two stage Cryogenerators SPC-1T and SPC-4T provide cryogenic cooling power in the range of approx. 20 -800 Watt from 15-40K. By way of design, the customer can utilize the 1st stage of these 2-stage coolers for pre-cooling or shielding purposes (at 80K).

Within our other brand CryoZone we build a range of Cryogenic (Helium) gas circulators called CryoFans. The CryoFans are used to efficiently transport the gaseous Helium from the (Stirling) cryocooler to the customer and back. Depending on the required volume flow and other process conditions a Fan can be selected.


Applications and markets where Helium gas cooling systems can be useful:

  • High temperature superconductors
  • Magnet cooling
  • Aerospace
  • Space simulation chambers and shroud cooling
  • Rotating devices
  • Instrument cooling
  • Observatories
  • Thermal shielding

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