Liquid Air Production Systems

Since more than sixty years Stirling Cryogenics has designed and manufactured cryogenic systems, serving customers all over the world under all possible climatic conditions. This experience has culminated in our current range of plants called StirLAIR, liquefying air for safe usage.

Liquid Air production plants

Stirling's StirLAIR stand alone liquid Air production systems produce liquid Air (LAIR), on site, in the range of 5 - 150 ltr/hr. LAIR can be used for special or theatrical effects, or as breathing air.

The stand-alone StirLAIR plants are truly performance plus technology. Featuring high energy efficiency, high productivity, controlled operation, low maintenance and only a 10 minute start-up time. They are the only way to make your liquid air production self sufficient and highly reliable. Liquid air enables you to realize revolutionary new special effects or use it as breathing air.

Liquid Air for special effects

With liquid air it is perfectly safe to combine fog, smoke and flames as it does not deplete oxygen in the environment and becomes breathable air again.

Liquid Air for breathing

the systems can be configured the produce liquid Air which can be used for breathing apparatus. They can optionally be equipped with the innovative Stirling AirLock® system to prevent Oxygen enrichment in the storage tank. Furthermore options can be added for additional safety features and to meet (breathing air) specifications (for instance grade D).

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stirlair schematic

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