Liquid Nitrogen Production Systems

Our StirLIN products (see below) consist of a wide range of liquid nitrogen liquefiers producing LN2 in volumes from 3 up to a 50 liter per hour (70 to 3.600 liters per day). The liquid nitrogen generation plants are a popular, plug and produce solution. These liquid nitrogen generators produce LN2 on-site from ambient air by onlly using electrical power, taking up little space.

Stirling Cryogenics offers a range of LN2 producing plants with different capacities but all based on the same principle and with the same features.

Liquid Nitrogen Plants

All our liquid nitrogen systems exist of the following main components:

  • Air compressor / gas generator to produce the nitrogen gas
  • Stirling cryogenerator producing the cold to liquefy the nitrogen gas
  • Storage vessel for the liquid nitrogen with valve and flex hose to tap the LN2
  • Control box for fully automatic functioning of the system
  • All necessary frames and further equipment required

The StirLIN plants allow our customers to produce their own liquid Nitrogen and therefore being completely independent from bulk / truck supply.  This guarantees availability and reliability. 

Specifications and advantages 

The functionality and specifications of the StirLIN range and the advantages of our StirLIN liquid nitrogen liquefaction system:

  • Ease of installation
  • Fully automatic operation by PLC control
  • Extendible LN2 production capacity
  • Adjustable liquid nitrogen pressure
  • Efficient production by using the StirLIN cycle
  • Easy liquid nitrogen dispense
  • Low noise level
  • Built for stringent climate conditions (and adaptable to extremes)
  • Connectable to all 3-phase power supplies
  • Worldwide service support

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