StirLNG-1 Production

The StirLNG-1 is our SPC-1 Cryogenerator specifically modified for micro scale LNG production and re-liquefaction. Depending on the gas pressure, the StirLNG-1 produces around 250 kg/day of LNG (185 gal/day).


The Stirling Cryogenerator operates stand-alone, driven by an electrical motor and can have its own control unit. Clean Methane gas, with a maximum pressure of 20 barg (290 psi), either from a well, biogas production plant or pipeline is fed to the StirLNG-1 liquefier. In the cold head, energy is extracted from the gas until it liquefies. By gravity, the formed liquid drains into an (intermediate) storage tank for further use.

Methane feed gas specifications to the StirLNG-1:

  • Main stream CH4
  • CxHy (C2 to C4) < 10%
  • CxHy (C5+) < 1 ppm
  • CO2 depending LNG conditions
  • H2O < -70ºC dew point
  • H2S < 3,3 ppm
  • Oil content < 0,01 mg/m3
  • Particles < 0,1 micron
  • N2/O2 < 10%



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