StirLNG-4 Conditioning

The StirLNG-4 is our SPC-4 Cryogenerator specifically modified for micro scale LNG production and re-liquefaction. Depending on the gas pressure, the StirLNG-4 can re-liquefy around 1800 kg/day of LNG (1,8 metric tpd, 1350 gal/day


The Stirling Cryogenerator operates stand-alone, driven by an electrical motor and has its own control unit. Boil-off gas can be taken from a storage tank, re-liquefied by the StirLNG cooler, and pushed back into the storage tank.

Methane feed gas specifications to the StirLNG-4:

  • Main stream CH4
  • CxHy (C2 to C4) < 10%
  • CxHy (C5+) < 1 ppm
  • CO2 depending LNG conditions
  • H2O < -70ºC dew point
  • H2S < 3,3 ppm
  • Oil content < 0,01 mg/m3
  • Particles < 0,1 micron
  • N2/O2 < 10%



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