ITCR-TEC Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Institute of Technology ITCR-TEC relies on the StirLITE liquid nitrogen system to secure supply for their stem cell program.


 Stem ceell ITCR TEC Costa Rica

Stem cell technology is one of the key research area in Costa Rica. Since the logistic supply of LN2 is not guaranteed, in 2010 ITCR-TEC purchased a StirLITE liquid nitrogen system to produce their LN2 on site.

Initially the produced liquid Nitrogen will be used for operating the infrared detector of the electron microscope at the School of Engineering Materials.

Furthermore at the School of Electronic Engineering the liquid nitrogen is used for a heat exchange to bring the methane from biogas to its liquefaction temperature and thus to store this fuel gas at liquid state.

It will also be used in the preservation of tissues, cells and microorganisms projects at the School Forest Engineering, Chemistry and Biology. Such preservation is possible by adding cryoprotective agents, which prevent ice crystals that would break the cells once thawed form.

                   StirLITE at ITCR-TEC
                   StirLITE at ITCR-TEC



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