Lanvik CryoSauna

The CryoSauna (Kide) at the Langvik Congress Wellness Hotel in Kirkkonummi, Finland is cryogenically cooled to -130°C with a StirLIN-2 liquid nitrogen system.

Långvik Spa and Conference Hotel is situated in a tranquil seaside setting - just half an hour drive from the centre of Helsinki. The stylish hotel rooms, such as sea-view suite with sauna, creates an ideal framework for your journey. The high standard international spa hotel offers culinary pampering moments and luxurious wellness treatments at the Långvik Spa. 

The Kide (CryoSauna) provide whole body cryotherapy. Cryo Therapy is believed to improve skin tone, reduces signs of aging, manages pain, lowers inflammation, improves athletic performance and can mitigate depression.

The Cryosauna is cooled down to -130°C with liquid nitrogen. In order to avoid logistic issues and large storage tanks that are associated with liquid nitrogen supply the resort installed a on site LN2 production unit from Stirling Cryogenics (StirLIN-2) producing over 20 ltr/hr.

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