Project Hydra Cable

DH Industries USA Inc. has been selected as partner in the Hydra project to design and supply the cryogenic system.

The Hydra project is a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsored project where the world’s first Fault Current Limiting (FCL) High-Temperature-Superconducting (HTS) power transmitting cable will be installed, and operated, at Consolidated Edison (ConEd) substations.

Besides DHS and ConEd, the other project partners are American Superconductors (AMSC), Southwire and Altran Solutions.

The project objectives are to demonstrate the HTS-FLC link between substations in a populated condensed urban area and the installation and operation of a reliable refrigeration system and is scheduled to be commissioned in 2016.

The cable will be a ~170 mtr, Triax design, rated at 13.8kV, 4.000A and a 40kA design fault current.

DH Industries USA Inc. is responsible for the design, supply and operational support of the refrigeration system which will cool the HTS cable with sub cooled liquid Nitrogen in a closed loop configuration. The system will be based on Stirling Cryogenics’ proven cryogenerator SPC-4 in a redundant configuration in order to scale up and down in capacity and perform maintenance during operation. The additional equipment (cryostat, pumps, instrumentation etc.) will be based on DH’s extensive cryogenic know-how and experience and will be designed for continuous operation.

The refrigeration system will consist of a modular set up with 3 SPC-4 cryogenerators, providing 7.2 kW at 72K of cooling power and a redundant pump system for 90 ltr/min.

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