Methane re-liquefaction

2 StirLNG-4 Cryogenerators for methane re-liquefaction for Sustainable Energy Solutions, Orem UT, USA.

The first 2, new generation, StirLNG-4 cryogenerators have been supplied to Sustainale Energy Solutions, Orem UT.

The StirLNG's will be used in the development of their Cryogenic Carbon CaptureTM process, re-liquefying methane (boil-off gas).

The re-liquefiers have a total capacity of around 150 kg/hr (3.4 T/day). The units are explosion proof, according NEC 500, Class 1, Zone 1 and are build (by the customer) into portable containers. 

Video Cryogenic Carbon Capture: CO2 Separation

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