LNG Bunker Barge Jacksonville USA

Conrad Orange Shipyard, Inc. TX, USA is building the first dedicated LNG bunker barge for the marine market in North America. This barge will be a critical supply chain component in ongoing efforts around the world to reduce the environmental impact of maritime activity through the conversion of ships to LNG.

The barge will operate out of Jacksonville, Florida to serve TOTE’s (parent company to Totem Ocean) newbuild “Marlin class” container vessels and other LNG-powered vessels in the Port of Jacksonville.

The 2,200 cubic meter (cbm) barge is expected to be delivered in early 2017. The LNG barge will feature one tank equipped with MARK III Flex cargo containment technology, from the French engineering and technology company GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) and is constructed by Conrad Orange Shipyard under GTT license. Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. is responsible for the vessel’s design, with the American Bureau for Shipping (ABS) acting as the classification society.

In order to manage boil off gas (BOG) on top of the LNG tank 6 StirLNG-4 units are placed to ensure that pressure is kept low, as well as the temperature of liquid. Additionally, the StirLNG-4 units will liquefy the methane gas that will flow back from the containership’s tank when being filled with LNG.

The design parameters for this BOG re-liquefaction system are:

6 x StirLNG-4 units with capacity:

  • 6 x ~ 900 kg /day = ~5,400 kg/day
    Power consumption:
  • 6 x ~38 kW = ~ 228kW
  • Operation: each StirLNG-4 has its own controller and can start and stop on its own