Memorial University

Memorial University Newfoundland Canada, has been operating a StirLIN-1 Extendible liquid Nitrogen plant since 2001 for several users.  

This facility produces and provides Memorial researchers with access to liquid nitrogen and helium for a wide variety of research instrumentation. It is critical there be a constant supply available for regular "fills" of devices operating at low temperature.

Liquid nitrogen applications at Memorial University:

  • Preservation of irreplacceable cell lines for cancer research and immunology.
  • Tissue grinding and clinical applications.
  • Instrumentation
  • Cold traps for vacuum line and pump applications
  • Multi-dimensional High filed NMR
  • SQUID magnetometer and 5T magnet
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Cryostat in the Ultrasonic Lab for Elastic and Magnetic Properties of Materials

As the plant was "extendible" the university later just needed to add a second SPC-1 cryogenerator in order to doubel their capacity from 12 to 24 ltr/hr.

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